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3D Wall Painting - Wall Painting Mural Trend

A few far-reaching and three-dimensional landscape paintings are arranged on the wall with better light, which can not only make the living room elegant, but also increase the openness of the field of vision.
The increasingly updated world, the gradually enriched life, and the quality of life have gradually improved. The rapid development of science and technology, culture and art has made people no longer stick to the traditional, rigid and boring way of life in the past. We are more and more pursuing elegant posture and noble taste, we call for freedom and uninhibitedness, and show individuality. Our 7G creative painting studio specializes in custom wall paintings, murals and decorative paintings. Painting murals on the wall makes our wall no longer stick to a certain overall style, and it can be expressed in a variety of ways.
If the room is small, it can be arranged more carefully, such as hanging some small handicrafts or paintings, and adding a few pots of flowers and bonsai, it can add elegance and broaden the horizon, making people feel like being in the nature.
The richness and diversity of the themes of wall painting, as well as its decorative role, coupled with the flexibility and personalization of design and creation, so a large number of home improvement markets have been developed accordingly. For a time, the familiar and unfamiliar word of wall painting quickly spread all over the country, and was accepted and sought after by most people in a short period of time.
The wall painting customizes the visual experience of the picture according to our inner desire, which will become the common memory of our cohabiting family members. Wall painting can be a healing illustration style, a beautiful scenery, a cartoon style or comic style that is full of fun, or a retro and high-profile decoration style, etc., to satisfy our spiritual enjoyment.
In addition, a special type of wall painting, 3D wall painting, has emerged in recent years. The so-called 3D wall painting is to use the principle of perspective and human visual illusion, on the plane wall, the ground and even the ceiling and other carriers, the use of carefully designed graphics to achieve the effect of attracting the audience's attention, 3D three-dimensional paintings are realistic in shape, focusing on the exaggeration of perspective. The performance is immersive.
This special visual effect of 3D wall painting brings huge shock and novelty to the audience, making the public very fond of this art form. Due to such a property, 3D wall painting was quickly applied to the field of commercial promotion, and achieved a very good market promotion effect. Generally used for commercial activities, such as some large-scale auto shows, real estate company activities, commercial plaza openings, company celebrations, theme scenic spots, etc., this artistic method is used. And brought extraordinary attention and popularity to the merchants at the event site. So as to effectively promote and publicize their own means. Effectively promote and advertise their own brands and products.
People's pursuit of culture and art shows an increasing trend year by year, and more and more entertainment methods and cultural and artistic forms have also entered people's lives. The demand for various cultural products and artistic products is also increasing. As a special cultural and artistic commodity and service, wall painting is also walking on the road of its growth and development in line with the spiritual needs of people in the new era.
As the decorative art form of wall painting caters to the development of the times and meets people's needs, its uniqueness, artistry, convenience, diversification and many other advantages will play its role in people's space decoration and commercial promotion applications. great charm. How to make the home more warm and fashionable is the demand of more and more people, and wall painting can just meet such a requirement of you, so that the personality is everywhere! 7G creative wall painting abandons the picture frame The bluntness and artificiality of the decorations freeze the flowing and three-dimensional pictures on the wall. The variety of pattern choices also puts a "personalized label" on home decor. This kind of pattern of wall painting is personalized, environmentally friendly, durable, economical, and has a strong visual impact. It is gradually replacing the rigid and monotonous wallpaper and decorative painting. It has become a dark horse in the home improvement industry, leading the future trend of home decoration.
The application of wall painting in business With the improvement of people's living standards and aesthetic level, the modern society, which is extremely rich in material, pays more attention to the value, living environment and development space of human beings. Modern people live in different spaces every day. He hopes to feel comfortable and convenient in the environment where he lives, which has become the concept of modern life. 7G Chuangyi satisfies people's visual needs to the greatest extent with the art of wall painting, and creates a visual miracle of commercial and entertainment spaces, which not only greatly enhances the taste and grade of merchants, but also plays an important role in attracting passenger flow and promoting sales. More and more hotels, bars, KTVs, restaurants, kindergartens, shopping centers, shopping malls, gymnasiums, office buildings, cultural pedestrian streets, fashion stores... A unique business landscape.
According to the above, it can be seen that the wall painting industry still has certain development potential in the future. In addition to certain technology, innovation and creativity are the most important things in wall painting.

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