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Arranging the hanging position of decorative paintings according to the angle of view

Many people will choose to hang decorative paintings to decorate the walls at home in order to make up for the white space, but often in the choice of location and hanging method is incorrect, which not only affects the beauty of the interior space, but also makes the role of decorative painting does not play out, we choose the purpose of decorative painting, should be to better enhance the quality of life, we teach you how to choose the hanging position of decorative painting.

General hanging paintings, most of the choice of sofa and bedroom back wall, this kind of placement method visual sensory more full of good-looking. You can also start from the home line, to plan the location of the need to hang decorative paintings, draw the more intensive route lines in the home every day, you can give priority to hanging paintings, the entrance hall can be the first choice for hanging paintings, followed by the dining room is also the location of more daily use, may also hang a piece in this.

The foyer decorative painting should be placed in the most eye-catching position at the entrance, opening the door, which is the approach taken in most decoration designs. You can also change the angle, take the mural down against the wall and glance at it twice while bending over to untie your shoes, which is also a pleasant and personalised and beautiful entryway experience. Hang paintings in the corridor high, with the centre of the picture at eye level. If there are multiple doors side by side, place the upper part of the frame flush with the door frame to get a good sense of the array. A person's line of sight determines the placement of the painting, and the position of the painting, in turn, will guide the space. Decorative paintings in the living room can not only be hung on the wall, but also placed on the floor. Decorative paintings can lead the line of sight to the ground, lay a carpet, a casual atmosphere where you can sit on the ground and lie down to chat.

How to hang decorative paintings, in fact, can be based on the human line of sight angle to arrange the position of the painting, to be able to enjoy it with our most comfortable angle, only to be considered to play its maximum function. Hanging paintings in addition to the height of the line of sight control, and appreciate the painting distance also has a relationship. Wine cabinets, sideboards or western kitchen countertops, as often operating places, is very suitable for a delicate, chic, can make the mood relaxation of the painting, even when doing housework will feel refreshing. The desk, on the other hand, can also be decorated with a decorative painting, which can be used as a relaxing adjustment while working and studying, without being too distracting. The bedroom should be kept as quiet and relaxing as possible, with the option of placing a decorative painting or two on the bedside table.

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