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Line decorative painting creative design

Decorative painting is different from ordinary painting. Ordinary painting pays more attention to the depiction of objective things, while decorative painting, as its name suggests, must have a certain decorativeness. Its natural form makes it decorative and symbolic.

Because the decoration of decorative paintings is mainly conveyed through the characteristics of lines and colors, it is necessary to understand the induction and application of lines, the emotional direction, aesthetics and rhythm of colors when creating.

If you want to draw a good decorative painting, the most basic thing is to understand the lines, so how to use the lines in the composition to make the whole work layered and decorative.

No.1 Crochet

The use of heavy lines in the outline can highlight the subject very well. This method is very common and safest in the expression of decorative painting. By dividing the screen by lines, the sense of hierarchy can be highlighted (the students who use the brush should not shake their hands~)

No.2 Texture and Texture

In the creation and design of decorative paintings, if only one type of line is used for outline, it will appear clumsy and cannot express the texture and texture of objects well. point.

Commonly used texture decoration points, straight lines, curves, water patterns, moiré patterns, circles, triangles, etc. This method is simple and practical and can express the texture very well. For example, when depicting flowing water, flowers, and glass objects, you can use different Lines and graphics, showing the flow of water, the state of flowers and plants, or the integrity and damage of objects. This is an indispensable means to obtain high scores. It also requires certain skills when using it. Note: Do not use excessively to cause the picture Messy! !

No.3 Deformation

Exaggeration is the most common deformation method, mainly to strengthen the structure and add interest to the picture, such as a pencil, break the mindset, exaggerate its volume and bend it, so that the picture is lively and not rigid (more use of exaggeration is not a disadvantage, child. ~)


No.4 Summary

 When dealing with the images of people or animals, it can be generalized into simple lines to make complex figures geometric. This method will make it easier to express the characteristics of people or animals when creating, and has a certain interest.


No.5 Fill

This technique is very suitable for dealing with characters, animals and plants. On the basis of the original, the decorative effect is enhanced through filling and decoration of different lines, enriching the characters' costumes, animal feathers and plant textures. produces great results! !

In the creative design of decorative paintings, it is especially important to master the use of lines, but remember not to be greedy in the realization method, pay attention to skills and levels, and avoid messy and trivial pictures.

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